A cryptocurrency freelancer platform backed by the 0xFree token

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A cryptocurrency freelancer platform backed by the 0xFree token.

The crypto hub where freelancers and blockchain industry recruiters can connect securely using escrowed cryptocurrency payments, verified profiles and minimal fees, all without providing personal data.


0xFreelance aims to establish an ecosystem to benefit all individuals involved within it. Whether you are selling a service, recruiting or investing in $0xFree, our ecosystem aims to reward you.


Hire professional and talented freelancers without getting scammed.


Work with the assurance of being paid in a safe and timely manner.


Benefit from all platform transactions via revenue sharing.


Discover secure freelance connections at 0xFreelance. No personal data needed, swift blockchain transactions, and cost-effective platform. Available on 0xFreelance App or Telegram Bot.

Buyers – Benefit from safe and secure escrowed payments, meaning freelancers are only getting paid once the project has been completed as agreed, otherwise the clients are fully refunded. Buyers also have the option to choose between verified freelancers via the well established review system. There is no service fee for buyers and purchases can be completely anonymous.

Freelancers – Transactions are completed using escrowed payments, meaning freelancers are to be paid for the work they complete. Building a good reputation using our review system is an easy and extremely beneficial process. 0xFreelance offers significantly smaller service fees than other competitors and the payouts are free. There are no KYC requirements for any freelancers.




More than 700 projects launch on the Ethereum blockchain on a weekly basis. Many of these projects are looking to build and utilise people’s talents daily.

As an example, we can say 100 projects out of the 700 are building their project and require tools and talents.

A typical project will need a website, graphics, moderators, smart contract developers and a variety of business development talents. Using a conservative market price, these skills amount to $800/wk overall. During Phase 1 of 0xFreelance’s development, that could lead to $6,000 in buyback and burns ONLY from these new launches on the Ethereum network.






Service Fee for Buyers



5% + $4.95


Service Fee for Freelancers



20% at start


Payout Fees


Min. $1

Min. $1

No Payout Fee


Crypto Payments

0xFREE TOKEN - Why invest?

The 0xFreelance platform is reinforced by the community of investors into the 0xFree token. All investors profit from each platform transaction. Token holders will also benefit from discounts on the platform and freelancers holding tokens will receive special perks on the platform.
The community of investors will have the opportunity to help the project grow, make key decisions regarding the future of the platform and to be actively involved in the development of the utility and the platform.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


We have completed the first part of our web application within a week of launching the 0xFree token.

At this point our platform is fully functional for both freelancers and project owners

During this phase the main benefit of holding the token is all the service fees from each transaction that goes through the platform

From each transaction our platform takes a 10% service fee.

75% of the service fees are used to buy back and burn $0xFree. This method will help the token to increase the price floor and reduce the circulating supply of the token.

The rest of the service fees will be used to maintain the platform.


Platform receives regular transactions

Platform becomes a renowned hub for freelancers to register.

Freelancers understand the benefits of having a 0xFreelance profile.

Over 200 freelancers join the platform.

Introduction of incentives for token holders and investors.

Introduction of 0xPRO badge for freelancers.The requirements for the 0xPRO badge are the following:


Have at least three verified 5 stars reviews


Hold a minimum amount of 1,000 0xFree tokens


If you sell your tokens you lose your badge


Decreased volatility of the token.

Introduction of purchases with 0xFree tokens

Buyers using 0xFree tokens receive discounts on their purchases.

Token holders benefit from using 0xFree tokens for purchases.

Changing the way how profits are made for holders from the platform.

In phase 3, we will introduce staking and profit sharing options to our holders

Holders will receive revenue from the platform in the form of either 0xFree, ETH or USDT


Main Information

Contract Address:






Total Supply:

1,000,000 $0xFree tokens



Tax enables us to continuously support long-term holders and avoid quick pump and dumps, it also helps us to have funds available for marketing and development.

Other Information

Token Explorer:

100% Liquidity Locked:

Contract Renounced:

2% of the tokens are locked for marketing.

3% of the tokens are locked for future CEX listings.

No max transaction / wallet limit.

Whitepaper & Application guide


You can buy 0xFree tokens through the Ethereum network if you hold any ETH, USDT, USDC or other ERC20 token. You can use Uniswap to buy your tokens.

We have made a detailed guide on how to use the platform. If you have any queries, you can always have a read through our GitBook – Application guide.

If you possess any of the necessary skillsets which can be useful in the crypto industry, you can reach new clients through the 0xFreelance platform. Just submit your personal listing on this link: https://app.0xfreelance.io/submit-listing

The only requirement in joining the platform is an email address. This allows anyone who wants to work or hire to be able to use the platform regardless of country and restrictions. Just make sure to follow the platform’s rules. If you are a freelancer you have to meet basic quality standards to post a listing.

Freelancers on the platform are encouraged to build their reputation by asking for reviews after completed jobs. This means buyers can easily see which freelancers have a good reputation and track record ensuring quality work. If the freelancer doesn’t provide the service he promised you will be fully refunded.

Once buyers have double checked and confirmed their orders they will be prompted to make a payment via USDT – ERC20 via either Metamask or Wallet Connect. This payment will then be escrowed until the project is completed to the standard agreed on.
Freelancers are encouraged to showcase their portfolio in detail on their profile to make it easier for the right clients to find them. Links to outside platforms are however discouraged and freelancers should upload their works to the platform.


General Inquiries


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